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Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery is a global leader in the physical trade of precious metals and precious stones. We specialize in the trade of non-manufactured precious metals, unpolished and polished precious stones as well as new and secondhand jewellery.

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Ultra Gold and Diamond

What we do

We provide a reliable physical precious metals and precious stones trading service, using secure and transparent methods to serve our extensive global network of buyers and sellers.

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Our services

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Precious metals

World-class solutions in precious metals trading through our trading operations in the UAE

Ultra Service

Precious stones

We specialize in the trade of both polished and unpolished precious stones

Ultra Service


We work with retail jewellers and other traders and buy jewellery scrap at attractive rates

How trading works?

We have implemented meticulous processes to ensure that all trades are performed with transparency and efficiency, allowing us to provide a reliable and secure service. Trading with Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery is done so in 5 easy steps:

All new customers are required to complete our application process

  • This includes completing our Account Opening Form, and providing the required KYC documentation. A site visit, Customer Assessment and detailed due diligence process may follow if required by our compliance team. Our compliance team will then process the relevant documentation and provide approval.

Once approved, customers can start a transaction by providing us with either a sales order or purchase order

  • Supporting documents may be requested at this stage which will be outlined to you in the process.

The quantity and quality of the precious metal or precious stone is confirmed, and a price is agreed upon

  • Pricing is dependent on the market prices of the commodity on the day of the transaction.

Payment is made

  • Payments will be made subject to verification of the quality and quantity of the commodity. Once verification is complete, payment will be made in accordance with agreed payment terms.

Delivery takes place to the specified address provided to us

  • Delivery will be made as agreed with you prior to any shipment being made. We will ensure that you are kept up to date throughout the delivery process.

What we stand for

Our relationships are built on service, reliability and loyality.

We put our customer at the centre of everything we do.

We relentlessly deliver the highest quality and value possible.

We value being honest and always act truthfully and ethically.

We empower each other to take ownership of our actions.

We communicate with unwavering honesty and respect.

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