Ultra Gold and Diamond

Experience and expertise

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery has a wealth of experience and an exceptional reputation in the market. We provide a reliable physical precious metals and precious stones trading service, using secure and transparent methods to serve our extensive global network of buyers and sellers.

Our experience and expertise in the industry, as well as our network of esteemed business partners, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers, make Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery the preferred partner of choice.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a world-leading company in the trade of precious metals, precious stones, and jewellery. We aim to be internationally recognized for our integrity, customer-focused approach, service excellence and transparency.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a secure and sustainable service to our local and international buyers and sellers, while ensuring unparalleled excellence. Our experience, knowledge and technology-focused business principles equip us to deliver significant value.

Trust and transparency

We pride ourselves on providing a world-class service centred around core principles of trust and transparency. We foster long-term relationships with all of our clients by taking accountability in the way we provide our service.

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What we stand for

Our relationships are built on service, reliability and loyality.

We put our customer at the centre of everything we do.

We relentlessly deliver the highest quality and value possible.

We value being honest and always act truthfully and ethically.

We empower each other to take ownership of our actions.

We communicate with unwavering honesty and respect.

Ultra Gold

Why Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery?

Our renowned relationships with our suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, and buyers allow us to offer very competitive pricing.

Our on-the-ground presence both locally and internationally equips us and our business partners with knowledge on the economy, laws and regulations and trading conditions in each country.

We provide trading guidance backed up by knowledge and years of experience in the industry. This allows Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery to provide innovative solutions in all stages of the supply chain.

Our large network of trusted and reliable buyers globally allows us to provide an efficient service and guarantee quality.

Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery has developed a well established and large network of suppliers, both locally and internationally, in the precious metals and precious stones industries. Our suppliers share our core values and strive to do business with respect and integrity.

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