Precious metals

We are experts in the physical trade of precious metals. We physically source, buy and sell different types, grades and forms of Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.

We facilitate the following value added services:

  • Transportation
  • Finance
  • Storage
  • Handling
Ultra Gold and Diamond Service

Precious stones

We specialize in the trade of both polished (ground to shape and then polished to remove any surface scratches, rough edges, and assist in light reflection of the stone) and unpolished (precious stones left in their raw form) precious stones.

Ultra Gold and Diamond Service


We specialize in the trade of new and secondhand jewellery. We work with retail jewellers and other traders and buy jewellery scrap at attractive rates. All jewellery is checked for quality and legitimacy purposes.

Ultra Gold and Diamond Service

Frequently asked questions

All new customers will need to complete the application process which is outlined in the “How trading works” section of our Home Page. A client assessment, site visit and due-diligence process would need to be completed as part of the application process.

Your application will move to our compliance team and will be processed for approval. Additional supporting documents may be required (this will be detailed during your transaction and the documents required will be requested at this point). We will communicate the next steps in the process via email.

This is a questionnaire that has been compiled to assist Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery in obtaining the required general information we need for your onboarding. It also outlines the policies customers have in relation to our Client Standards.

The Client Assessment is an integral part of our sustainable sourcing policy. Responsible operations, sourcing and trading are of upmost value at Ultra Gold and Diamond Jewellery, and we want to ensure that we remain committed to compliance, good corporate governance and laws and regulations in your country.

The Client Assessment may need to be completed during the renewal of an existing contract and during any pre-qualification processes.

All personal information provided to us is done so in order to verify your identity and is a legal requirement. The information will be securely stored. We have strict security measures in place to ensure your data is safe. Your personal information will not be sold and will only be provided to third party agents such as courier companies performing your deliveries or to legal entities requesting the information as part of our auditing or legal regulatory processes.

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